I’m a mental health activist who has Bipolar 1 Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I’m on the board of directors of a drop-in center that serves the mentally ill. Many of the drop-in center’s clients are homeless. I worked for the drop-in center for two years right after I received my BA degree. I sometimes teach crafts like beadwork and collage there. I’m trying to empower the drop-in center’s clients by encouraging self-expression. I have another blog about the drop-in center called Word Salad World. A word salad is incomprehensible speech where the words spoken have no relation to one another.
One of the purposes of this blog is to share some of the coping skills I have acquired to manage my own condition. Another purpose of this blog is to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of having a mental illness. Although I sometimes use my own experience to illustrate a point I’m not trying to make this blog about my day to day life as a person with mental illness. It’s about the issues that most mentally ill people experience in their daily lives and my hope is that I can speak for people who are marginalized by society because they happen to have a mental illness.