Bipolar Disorder Links and Resources

by abaffledlook

Bipolar Disorder is a mental illness marked by extreme highs and lows. This is by no means definitive, but it’s ample enough for a place to start. Some of the sites listed here offer even more links than I have and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

 Bipolar 101

The best provider of resources is PsychCentral, which provides news, discussion boards and blogs relating to many mental illnesses, not just bipolar disorder.

The National Institute of Mental Health provides a great overview.


The link below features current areas of research. It’s a rather long article, but worthwhile.

Science Daily gives short synopses of current research.

Medical News Today also gives short synopses of current research.

News and Discussion

BP Hope magazine has a free newsletter with topics ranging from the latest research to recent changes in public policy.

The website Lucid Interval provides tips for coping with mania and staying out of the hospital.

John McManamy, a bipolar journalist, provides his take on the latest developments affecting those with bipolar disorder as well as many resources.


WebMD provides a brief overview of the types of medications used for Bipolar Disorder.

Julie A. Fast, a columnist for BP Hope magazine, provides general information on side effects on the different classes of medications. has exhaustive information about drug interactions.

Mood Charts

Mood charts help track symptoms and make it easier to detect when an episode begins.

The link below provides reviews and links to several types of mood charts.

Screenings for Bipolar Disorder

Counseling Resource Mental Health Library has short quizzes assessing bipolar symptoms.


What would a resources page be without a link to the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance! They can direct you to support groups in your area.

Mood Garden is a discussion board for bipolar disorder.

Another option is to check about local groups that meet in person and have a discussion board.

Support Persons

Bipolar Caregivers has information not only about how to help someone who is bipolar, but also gives tips about how caregivers can cope.

Personal accounts and blogs

Kay Jamison, a bipolar researcher and author, provides personal reflection on her illness.

PsychCentral lists popular and well received blogs that focus on various perspectives and subjects relating to bipolar disorder.